Dave Courtney

Self Proclaimed Former Gangster 'Dave Courtney' loves sipping a good old cuppa 'Rosie Lee' from his POSH TRASH Ceramics. Friend of the Krays, Ex gangster Dave Courtney smirks as he holds his rather fitting 'Psycho' and 'Mad Bastard' teacup and saucer. Dave Courtney is married to rap artist JennyBean, lives in his Castle in London, England and today is a best selling author, having had four number one best sellers: "The Ride's Back On" (His latest), "Stop The Ride I Want To Get Off ", "Raving Lunacy" and "Dodgy Dave's Little Black Book". All available from major book stores or via website - davecourtney.com. Dave's book signings around the country are always a huge hit. "Strop The Ride" and "The Ride's Back On: are the most stolen books in the UK! Dave has appeared in many films/Documentaries including:
  • 'The Krays'
  • 'Hell To Pay'
  • 'Six Bend Trap'
  • 'The Dead Sleep Easy'
  • 'Killer Bitch'
  • 'Gangsters Gamblers Geezers'
  • 'Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees'
  • Winner Takes All
  • Dave Courtney: Dodgy Dave
  We look forward to working with Dave Courtney in the future Watch this space!